Some players should not be allowed to wear a professional jersey ever again.

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Some players should not be allowed to wear a professional jersey ever again.

Post by Charrua on Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:06 pm

Let alone a Liverpool fc jersey.. Honestly how is Downing so trash... How can anyone defend Downing at all. He is absoulte trash. I have less speed, less skill and no professional training. and I would be of more use that game then him. Hes gives away possesion so cheaply, donesnt even attempt to take players onand he doesnt track back. Spearing and Henderson are *bleep* kids theyre going to make mistakes. Downing is just completly invisible. If a player makes a mistake it means he obviously showing some attempt, if hes invisible hes just a moping lazy *bleep*. *bleep* 442, or 451,
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Carrol is actually playing *bleep* well and well trying. Gerrard is way to deep today to do anything at all. Push Suarez and Bellamy outwide but let them cut inside and Johnson and Enrique provide width. Suarez is NOT A LONE STRIKER.... Hes not Burning fast. He needs a partner to weave and interchange and make channels for his runs. Or if you dont want that make him a playmaker then he can do that to, but dont play expecting to take on a whole defense and midfield by himself


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