Alberto Cerruti: Bearzot always said that Totti was the only player he would've taken on his 1982 side

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Alberto Cerruti: Bearzot always said that Totti was the only player he would've taken on his 1982 side

Post by ErPupone on Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:12 pm

On the radio show "Bar Forza Lupi", led by Massimo D'Adamo, Cindy Simonacci and Antonella Coricello on Centro Suono Sport 101.5 fm, popular journalist Alberto Cerruti was interviewed, as he has written an article for la Gazzetta on the Top Ten modern Italian strikers.

In this classification there is no Francesco Totti, the top scorer amongst players that are still active. Why?
"I state that any ranking is discussed and in any position I put Totti, except the first, there would be discussions. I have not added Totti, not only in the top 10, but even in the top 20 of the last 50 years, because it is a classification reserved for pure strikers. Totti was born, however, as a trequartista, which is why I have not taken him into consideration. "

Take, however, Del Piero, putting him in second place in this ranking, behind Riva and Vialli ahead.
"It 's true that Del Piero has always played with the number 10, but he was born as a striker, as a second striker. He always wanted to play forward and not behind the strikers."

Totti was born as a trequartista, but, then, does almost all his career as a striker, plays up front with Capello, Ranieri and Spalletti, would want to do with Luis Enrique, who instead brought him back to the shoulders of the strikers ...
"Totti I saw him play as a kid. Born trequartista. Look at the stats: in 94/95 first season as a starter, scored 4 goals, in the second, scored 2, in the third, 5; total: 11 goals. In the three years, Del Piero has scored 22. This does not mean that Del Piero is better than Totti, but only in those years he played further up. For this, I consider Del Piero and not Totti. As I have not considered Baggio, another great player, who, however, was not a pure striker or a second striker: he was a nine and a half. The reason is just that. Perhaps there may have been on my part and on the part of the newspaper an unconvincing explanation. For this we apologize. "

Perhaps the confusion arises from the fact that unlike consider players who played with the shirt number 10 and in similar roles.
"The confusion stems from the fact that Del Piero plays with the number 10. He had to play with the number 9 or number 11. He always played as second striker and when, in the national team, was called to the trequartista role, he did it unwillingly. "

Totti should be considered a number 10 or a nine and a half?
For me, Totti is among the top three best Italian players of the past 50 years, with Baggio and Del Piero. But, I consider him the most complete between him, Del Piero and Baggio, precisely because, unlike the other two, he has played in all roles. He made the trequartista and striker roles. It 'a matter of characteristics. Totti has more features than the other two. If I were to rank the players so-called "Universal", Totti would be in front of everyone. The list I made for the Journal is concerned, however, the pure strikers. The mere fact that in the top ten I put Pruzzo and not Totti does not mean that it is a technical choice, but of method. I have an infinite esteem of Totti. I remember that Bearzot has always said that Totti is the only player that he would have put in his National team of 1982 ".

If you were to make a top ten of the best number 10's in the last 50 years, who would you put on the podium?
At first, Gianni Rivera, because he was the first Italian to win the Ballon d'Or. Right after, Totti. In third place, Antognoni.


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Re: Alberto Cerruti: Bearzot always said that Totti was the only player he would've taken on his 1982 side

Post by Patrick Bateman on Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:21 am


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