Should Some Leagues Merge!!!

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Re: Should Some Leagues Merge!!!

Post by Curtinho on Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:01 am

@Art Morte wrote:
El Cujo wrote:I'm not a huge follower of the business side of things so I want to bring a question to this topic. What kind of financial impact would it have on the Eredivisie if they were to merge with the Belgian top flight? If this 'BeNe League' was made would it potentially allow for more talent to be kept as opposed to being a launching pad for the 'bigger' leagues? For example could it prevent something along the lines of Strootman to Roma? I know it's impossible for the Eredivisie to hope to thwart off the true juggernauts such as top teams from the EPL, Bundesliga and La Liga, but to become one of the top 5 - 6 leagues again would give some time for thought for sure.

I don't know, here's just what I reckon:

- Matchday income: It might grow a little when, presumably, the smaller clubs from each league would drop out of the top division, which would most likely consist of the biggest clubs from both countries. So, bigger stadium average capacity in the league, bigger fan bases, maybe could charge more money for tickets.

- Broadcast income: I don't think the overall appeal, especially outside of Belgium / Netherlands, would increase much, so I don't think there would be significantly higher TV deals on offer.

- Commercial income: I guess it could grow a little, since the clubs would be now presented more visibly in their neighbouring country, too.

But overall, I don't think there would be a meaningful increase in revenue streams, but the quality of the league would be higher, because you'd have the better half of clubs from both leagues. It just wouldn't be enough to attract a greater global audience, I don't think so.

Well, this is what I was informed of:

This is the idea that Standard owner Roland Duchatelet has been trying to push through the last few years.

NL (pop. 17 million) BE (pop. 11 million)
BeNeLiga: 12 Dutch and 8 Belgian clubs
Second tier: two separated domestic leagues with no relegation (20 teams each)

After each season, the bottom three relegate from the BeNeLiga.
The two domestic champions promote automatically.
Third ticket is based on nationality. If 2 Dutch teams relegate, then the final spot will be filled by a team from the Netherlands.
If three teams from the same nation relegate, that nation gets just 2 tickets.

Both nations get approximately 70 million euro/year for the TV-rights. Duchatelet reckons that this number will grow to 250 million/year with the establishment of the BeNeLiga. 1/4 of that amount would go to the two domestic leagues. The other 200 million can be split among BeNeLiga teams. This sounds very nice and all, but I think the gap would be to wide between the BeNeLiga and the small clubs. I don't see any staying up at the end of their first season in the highest tier.

If this is the format and the estimations are true it would be huge for Dutch and Belgian ball IMO.

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Re: Should Some Leagues Merge!!!

Post by VendettaRed07 on Fri Apr 11, 2014 6:03 am

@Robespierre wrote:
@Art Morte wrote:Maybe there could be a try-out period for Celtic in the English Premier League. Play there for a couple of years, then decide whether they want to stay in the English system or return to SPL.

I'm pretty sure Cardiff and Swansea fans are happier to be in the English system, because they would be too big for the Welsh one - like Celtic is for the Scottish one. So I think Celtic should at least try it out.

I knew Celtic wants it, Scottish clubs not ( the Scottish league still is scrub, if they lose also Celtic and Rangers are really as the Irish league, not even decent players ) , English clubs not .

The first part you have backwards and the second part is just wrong.

If the Scottish clubs had their say they would kick Celtic out and the vote would be unanimous. People had the same thoughts when it came to voting Rangers out of the top flight, "Clubs wouldn't dare.. Scottish Football needs Rangers!".. And they were wrong. Fan interest, attendance and television ratings for the non oldfirm sides has risen in their absence.

Celtic want no part of the EPL. Why stop riding the CL gravy train and guaranteed trophies every year out of the off chance they might some day become a midtable EPL team after a decade. Can't imagine what their fanbase would do either in England losing week after week, year after year, no europe no titles, etc etc.

And scottish clubs in the Premiership and Championship outside Celtic are clearly better than any teams in the Irish and Welsh Leagues and that doesn't even need more explaining.

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Re: Should Some Leagues Merge!!!

Post by Footyfan on Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:01 am

If some of the leagues like Danish, Belgium, Dutch, etc are allowed to retain talents till 21-22 this situation would not arise.

A huge number of Dutch Talents have flopped because they could not play during the time they were expected to play, make mistakes and develop.

The worst thing is Arsenal, Chelsea, City poaching this 16 year old kids whose careers get destroyed. Examples can be found plenty.

Had this guys stayed till 21-22 like say a Strootman stayed, the scenario would have been different. People get to start at 17-18 at Dutch Leagues.

Young Players poached away is destroying the quality of the league in the medium and long term in addition to causing damage to NT.

When you have say RVP, Robben, VDV level 3-4 Great Young players automatically the team can push the Big Teams

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Re: Should Some Leagues Merge!!!

Post by iftikhar on Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:22 pm

Is there any stipulation by UEFA whereby clubs has to play certain amount of games during a domestic league??? I can see clubs in Scotland, Switzerland etc. play each other 4-5 times ( as opposed to just home and away in bigger leagues).
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Re: Should Some Leagues Merge!!!

Post by Interman on Wed Sep 06, 2017 9:19 pm

unless we are talkin a Ligue 1-Serie A or Ligue 1-La Liga merger, this would make little difference, on a grander scale.


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Re: Should Some Leagues Merge!!!

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