Tuttojuve Fans riot - Do not touch Marchisio he is our bandiera

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Tuttojuve Fans riot - Do not touch Marchisio he is our bandiera

Post by DeviAngel on Fri May 31, 2013 8:54 pm

On our Facebook page which has more than 62,000 visitors we asked:

Cedereste Marchisio? Tell us yours. CLICK HERE TO LIKE and tell us YOUR OPINION

Domenico Madonna absolutely no no no no no

Silvia Cairone absolutely noooooooooo ....

John Pius Love Nou

Francesco Romeo NO!!

Andrej Andrej Milevski not it for 40 mil.

Alessandro Vercellino Maiiii

Nuccio De Pasquale NEVER

Marcello Bett No, and if you must, however, 25 million are a joke

Michelangelo Manzella 35/40 milioni ..

Andrea Borraccini also suffered for 40

Francesco Patrizi for a stronger role of cederei anyone.


Mark Shepherd depends on what you give in return. xo do not think so

Gianluca Bonifazi Never ever! Not a put or ronaldo!

Ugo Di Monte even dream for the future ... Captain ...

Luke Pacella not!

Carmine Tower No. No. No. If you need some cash to get to Higuain you sell Vucinic to 30 years can make the final contract of life and there is obtained a beautiful twenty million euro.

Denise Joseph we want to start to rubbish the midfield?? nis there you just have to touch the attack and qulke retouching defense and midfield but not in incoming OUTPUT

Leonardo Campanelli 40 million or nnt

Guido Alessi If the voice of the 4-2-3-1 is true, .. but only for 30 -35 million. Because in a midfield so, marchisio would put attacking midfielder, and as we all know, nn is its role. If you remain absolutely NO to 3-5-2.

Fabio Tamburrano the prince? ... No but it is a serious question or is it a game to have fun?

Dario Gain would not make sense to sell it, especially tactically and technically.

Joseph Varone not for sale .....

Desiree Carlotti x Cristiano Ronaldo even if they do such a thing as soon as I see them spit

Robert David Sack Skyfall heart says no. common sense for you from 30 million to 35 million. as long as it gets an even stronger and with European experience

Riccardo Para Absolutely not, we raise the bar and then we give the pieces + fine? It makes no sense. Then we talk about Marchisio, Alessandro Del Piero for me after the second icon + important for the present and future of Juventus.

Giuseppe Di Maio NO and NO

Anita Fanti but they are questions to ask? course you do not sell it ... -. -

Fabrizio Raccosta 35 and on ... But it serves a decent vice pirlo!

Daniel Cevasco For 40 mil is

Moreno Pennella No, and our symbol

Francesco Orsini Noooo .... Never maii!

Danilo De Felice Absolutely NEVER!

Pierluigi Prince let's give it all away the flags, to serve ke values ​​in sport?? We think only about money .... buuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Louis Roe nooooo! cm then ever, our players are worth less and less .... we have excellent diffensori almost say the number one in Europe ... ditto the midfield if nn the first ever ... we only have an attachment point of the second and third fasciaaaa but we always there

Mariano Gazzotti but we're crazy???? MAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII or give us Messi and C Ronaldo

Desire Chiarelli let's keep the ones we take Di Maria give away Quagliarella egosta of the ball last step we need and Di Maria and unique

Loris Buselli if I get an offer greater than 50 million if not remains to turin

John Messina No, never

Francis x Veroni only offered by 45 of

Claudio Tonzy Marchesan No no ... the little prince

Nicola Finzi Marchisio No, never the prince is the future captain has now become a flag of juve! Has been with us from the series to be this says about him tt

Francesco Stenico We're a little consistent! If last year Bayern have spent nearly 40m for J. Martinez then Marchisio worth 45/50! To these figures we can think otherwise NO!

Jessica Albenga kidding me but nooo

Desiree Carlotti People who says it does not deserve to cheer Juve but you realize that style Juve flags nn touch?? Well, but you know there's Andrea Agnelli and only attached to the money and nn mport nothing of juve. nn ... he and my president

Nicole Terrible People who say they do not want to see vidal but you want to release Marchisio! Shoot yourself!

Leonardo Sanna But why? For 25 million, then? We paid felipe melo the same time

Lella Sergio Azzini one should not even talk but they are all out of my head is marchisio Juventus since its inception and has to come to juve

Tyjklop SA L 50 million? you are matti.marchisio is priceless. pet is a pillar of the ungrateful Juve.siete

Ivan Marchetti Sell Marchisio to buy a striker would like to sell the coat to buy underpants signed ...

Andrea Labriola by 30 to 40 to 50 million?? Already last year it was hard to digest the departure of Alex, now we want to send away also claudio .... whatever the figure CLAUDIO NOT TOUCH ... and who thinks otherwise go to cheer inter ...

Carlo Antonio Raminelli Why do I sell a player? To buy a better one. Best of Marchisio NOT There's'

Roberto Colombo x 40 million and only if x higuain money is spent. ibra or Cavani

If Jason Marchisio Juventus decide to sell it would lose many fans and viewers! !

Luca Marchetti Marchisio represents the spirit of Juve and if anyone should have 10 left from Alex is really him! So hands off marchisio!

Francesco hatches Certainly not 25 million ... 40 The sacrifice you might as well do even if I'd rather have a company that not sell the best pieces to invest in the market

Ciro Pelliccia Today marchisio and on the market because Juve must raise cash to make a team more forte.ma not the only vucinic also quagliarella.metri giovinco.ecc are all on the market

Dario White Vasconvolto anyone but NOT him ..... he is not only a player of Juve he is Juve ..... ..... he is in it since he was born ..... the colors in the blood .... Juve must build clinging valuable pieces as he

Mat Uprising ever at 25 million! but you realize that jovetic worth 30 mln, bale 40, 35 GOETZE?!? but shall we always pass us like fools on duty? Ogbonna 15 million, and then bonucci worth? and barzagli minimum 40 ... then we Parliam vender licht on 15, but it's worse than hawks? you make smart for a moment ...

Virginia Luchetti Absolutely not. It is our symbol and one of the best player in his role. I do not see why we should deprive ourselves. Marchisio can not be touched.

Alfonso Longobardi Last night Pavan! ..., Already spoke of the balances of the end of August! ... But when I sent away?? ... Quell'incapace Groundhog?? ..., Is him the true bane of Juve! ..., assign Marchisio? ..., another blunder!, if there is one here that needs to go away!, it is that subspecies of DS!, which is not worth of work in place of Moggi!

Mirko Ruggeri Wiki Sell zidane was feasible Marchisio not it? But what the *bleep* are you assholes to win many times you have to change to a high figure then I would sell

The Amber Naples Principino Do not Touch absolutely, he is a very small part imporatante for this team after Alex Del Piero is the only one that gives a lot of emotions also others like Gigi Buffon etc.. But He A something that others do not have, so if it goes Via Him, They're Making A Mistake Ugly, In addition to being a Great Principino That gives a lot of emotions and very good at Game Conte,

Matthew Ortolano Never he will be the next captain of the flag your Juve and grew in the nursery one so deserves respect! Marchisio unsellable

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