The negative chain effect of Ozil's departure and Bale's Signing

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The negative chain effect of Ozil's departure and Bale's Signing

Post by shadexticos on Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:53 am

First of all, I would like to express the mind of true madridistas worldwide by showing my disappointment in Ozil's departure.
I could write 10,000 words on the effect but I would summarize it and I am sure most fans are even already aware.
Ozil's departure just shows that the president has still not learnt his lesson from the sneijder and robben mistake.
He just sells players, not considering the desire of the players, the fan's attachment to the player and the player's possible contribution as a result of improvement.
Imagine if tottenham had ditched bale some years ago when he was a flop.
Ozil was nothing close to a flop and just needed time to adapt to the new system.
We don't need to talk about robben and sneijder contribution to Champions League glory for bayern and inter. We were suppose to get ribery but we opted for the more glamorous Ronaldo. See where ribery is now.

Ozil's sale would cause a sense of fear and not motivation for the players cos it means once the 'president' finds a new toy, he gets rid of the old one. All the players would feel they could get the chop anytime.

OZIL'S Departure shows a lack of empathy with the fans.
Ozil's departure could create an imbalance in the team where everybody is trying to score because it seems the President is always more swayed by goal-scoring players.
Alot of the goals Ozil assisted, he could have scored them but decided to be more of a team player which is what modern football embraces.from now, every player would want to take a shot at goal now. Don't be surprised when you consistently even Diego Lopez and Casillas on the score
And a host of other reasons

Bale's purchase would create a sense of insecurity for all the attacking players since he can play everywhere across the front.
Bale's purchase would stunt morata and jese's growth because the playing time they would have been enjoying would now be shared unequally.
Bale is technically close or as good as Ronaldo but tactically superior.
In a ancelotti's system,we can all see Ronaldo struggling because of his lack of tactically skill which bale has.
I fore-see Bale outshine Ronaldo with Ronaldo become too eager to prove that he is the best in the team and he would go back to being over-selfish.
There are loadsa other reasons but I would leave you to comment
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