La Liga: Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid discussion

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Re: La Liga: Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid discussion

Post by Onyx on Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:21 pm

Carlo Ancelotti analysed the team’s stumble against Real Sociedad in the Anoeta press room: “It is not easy to evaluate this match. There were two matches. The first 30 minutes were very good, with quality, pace and focus. The rest was very bad. It is difficult to explain what happened. We conceded corners, free-kicks… We’re very sorry, I don’t like the team to play like that for an hour. The first half an hour was very good, but we have to think and change this”.

“It is a defeat that I don’t like at all. Sometimes you can have a bad match but a team like Real Madrid, when they are winning 2-0, have to keep concentrating and maintain their attitude to win the match. We didn’t do that, I am responsible and we’ll do something to change".

"We had no balance in the last hour. We did not have a good defensive system. When we scored the second we were a little bit weak and defended badly”.

The newcomers
“This defeat does not change anything. We have to change something because that is not good enough. We have to change our attitude and focus. The new signings need time to adapt. In matches like today’s it is more difficult for the newcomers”.

The system
“Without the ball, we had two lines of four and two strikers to avoid through-balls and prevent long balls. In the first half hour we did it well, but not for the rest of the match. It is a normal system that we had last year”.

The loss of Xabi Alonso
“It is not a problem with one player. We lost everything after a god first half an hour. When the whole team does not have a good attitude it is difficult for just one player to change that”.

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Re: La Liga: Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid discussion

Post by Cyborg on Mon Sep 01, 2014 2:04 pm

Conceding corners and free kicks. Thats something the coach has to work on in training.

Sounds like Casillas blame. Recently he has been really poor at dealing with crosses and balls in the box. He seems to be afraid.

He doesn't even call or shout at ramos and pepe to claim crosses or organize what's in front of him.

Not blaming casillas for all thats wrong, but I have realized he isnt the same keeper of old. And I was a staunch defender of him.



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Re: La Liga: Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid discussion

Post by Pedram on Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:42 pm

@Valkyrja wrote:We need a DM. Kroos isn't Xabi he needs protection. I'm afraid that Modric's last season was 'that season' for him. He has been shat for months.

Modric and Kroos are good as long as someone like Xabi cover their asses from behind.
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Re: La Liga: Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid discussion

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