Barcelona Ready to Bounce Back

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Barcelona Ready to Bounce Back

Post by LuckAndWin on Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:06 am

Barcelona may have missed the chance to win any trophy from last season as La Liga and Copa del Rey slipped away in their hands the same thing with the Champions League.

But this time around I could see that the Catalan Giants are ready to bounce back. See how they manage to start the La Liga season recording two wins plus their pre-season games are also improving.

Good work Catalan Giants. Hoping to see how Luis Suarez will contribute very well with the club.

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Re: Barcelona Ready to Bounce Back

Post by futbol on Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:41 am

The first signs are certainly encouraging. There is pressing from the front again including Messi who is only 2nd to Busquets in the tackling charts so far. There is a clear defensive structure again with both central midfielders covering for the wingbacks and maintaining positional discipline rather than players like Fabregas doing whatever they want and attacking the box all the time. Which means Bravo has yet to make a save. Rakitic fits in nicely. Great work ethic. Barca's best signing for sure, depending how Suarez will do later on.

The coach doesn't hesitate to make use of B teamers and youngstars regardless of name and status. Under Martino you would have expected Xavi to start vs. Villarreal ahead of Rafinha and a player like Sandro wouldn't have played a single minute. The bravery to use Sandro and sub off the "experienced" Pedro has already paid off with 3 points vs. Villarreal. Actually don't remember a single in-game change from Martino that influenced the outcome of a game positively like that in his entire stint but maybe I'm being harsh on him. Laughing

Above all I'm seeing Barca football again where everyone looks comfortable. No "verticalidad" experiments where everyone looks unsure whether to play possession or launch a counterattack. I'm seeing organization, a clear structure and workrate again. The rest is on the players to make it work with their individual quality. Can't wait to see the fantastic four (Iniesta, Neymar, Messi, Suarez) in action. So far we haven't even seen 3 of them together. Once there is collective workrate and organization I don't see how those 4 won't win game after game for Barca.

Can't say I'm content with the defense but it's certainly better than what it was the past 2 seasons and recovering the pressing will make it easier for Pique and Co.


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