FC Barcelona 3 - S. D. Eibar 0

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Re: FC Barcelona 3 - S. D. Eibar 0

Post by Hapless_Hans on Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:26 pm

lol. Indeed a non story.

If Enrique wanted to sub off Messi he would have put his number on the board.
If you ask Robben, Ribery, anyone if they want to go off, they'll say no too.

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Re: FC Barcelona 3 - S. D. Eibar 0

Post by futbol on Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:41 pm

F hell. They asked Neymar 4 freaking times about the Messi sub thing and have asked Lucho 3 times so far.

Edit: 4th time now and Luis Enrique is not amused lol.

Just goes to show that la sexta editing of what happen had an impact. I really despise this media control. It seems like spain is still trapped in franco's time.

Precisely...A corrupt system isn't going to slow down its intent to unsettle the GOAT, especially when there's little in the way of opposition...Lucho is left to dance for the media and attempt to deflect...All in all its disgraceful and the club's silence reflects the lack of proper leadership

Its Spain after all...Visca Catalunya

Laughing This is why I stay away from club specific forums and love GL. The circle jerk is strong.

"The shape looks good."

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Re: FC Barcelona 3 - S. D. Eibar 0

Post by Bankz on Tue Oct 21, 2014 1:54 pm

But i don't see lucho asking other players before subbing them out, or am i missing something here? Yes, its possible lucho asked messi if he wanted to be subbed and messi said no (to messi's credit) as other players too would have done same. But what pricks me is lucho is trying to act like he gives everyone thesame treatment (by asking them if they want to be subbed out)..c'mon guys, don't tell me u believe all those stuff these coaches say in the media..it's just P.R.O talk, even if lucho felt let down or disappointed, he wouldn't publicly say so.
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