League of Legends World Championships 2016

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League of Legends World Championships 2016

Post by Bellabong on Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:56 pm

Group A
Rox Tigers (LCK 1st seed)
G2 Esports (EU 1st seed)
Counterlogic Gaming (NA 2nd seed)
Albus Nox Luna (CIS Wild Card)

Group B
Flash Wolves (LMS 1st seed)
SK Telekom T1 (Korea 2nd seed)
I MAY (LPL 3rd seed)
Cloud 9 (NA 3rd seed)

Group C
Edward Gaming (LPL 1st seed)
H2K (EU 2nd seed)
AHQ E-Sports Club (LMS 2nd seed)
INTZ E-Sports (CBLOL Wildcard)

Group D
Team Solo Mid (NA 1st seed)
Royal Never Give Up (LPL 2nd seed)
Samsung Galaxy (LCK 3rd seed)
Splyce (EU 3rd seed)

Group stages will be played at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco
Quarters will be played at The Chicago Theater in Chicago
Semis in Madison Square Garden in New York
Finals will be held at the Staple's Centre in Los Angeles

Todays matches:

Group D Laughing Can't get much more death groupy


Henry wrote:"“Stepovers, tricks, that’s not the game. The game is what Thomas Muller is doing. If I had a son right now, playing, I would say to him ‘look at them, look at [Franck] Ribery, look at Muller.’ What Ronaldo does, and Messi, they’re just freaks. Don’t try to copy those guys. You can copy from Ribery, you can copy from Thomas Muller. What he did at the World Cup, people don’t talk about it. They don’t talk about it, but they should talk about it. He plays the game the right way: he defends, he attacks, he controls the ball when he has to control it, he reverses when he has to reverse it. When he has to finish, he’ll finish. He doesn’t do stepovers, but when he has to perform, he performs. He does what the game asks him to do.”"

First Team
First Team

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