European CL spots race

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European CL spots race

Post by S on Sun Mar 04, 2018 6:52 pm

Pool-60 pts
United-59 pts(game in hand)
Spurs-58 pts
Chelsea-53 pts

4 teams competing for 3 CL spots with 9 games to play

Serie A
Roma-53 pts
Lazio-52 pts
Inter-51 pts(game in hand)
Samp-44 pts
Milan-44 pts(game in hand)

5 teams(realistically 3 or maybe 4) competing for 2 CL spots with 11 games to play

Schalke-43 pts
Dortmund-42 pts
Eintracht-42 pts
Bayer-41 pts
Leipzig-39 pts

5 teams competing for 3 CL spots with 9 games to play

La Liga realistically has possibly only one CL spot up for grabs but it looks like Valencia will cement their 4th CL spot in the coming weeks

The CL spot race happens to be more interesting in the big leagues than the title race this year and with 4 automatic CL spots up for grabs for the big 4 leagues , perhaps we could see some surprises in the league standings when the season ends particularly in Bundesliga and Serie A. I think we gonna have a really strong line-up in the CL next year.
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Re: European CL spots race

Post by Unique on Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:31 pm

tbh liverpool have a great chance to finish 2nd but you cant rule them out from finishing 5th. our defending is much better now we have vvd and robertson in the team the punts into the box that killed lovren are now being cleared by vvd but we can implode at any time. Very Happy

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Re: European CL spots race

Post by BarcaLearning on Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:06 am

If Chelsea miss out that would be quite incredible, and another Yoyo in the recent reasons Razz
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