UCL SF2 17/18 | Liverpool Vs AS Roma

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Re: UCL SF2 17/18 | Liverpool Vs AS Roma

Post by BusterLfc on Thu May 03, 2018 5:22 pm

@McLewis wrote:As always, not here to talk about what penalties were given and which ones weren't. Doesn't matter. We had a load of chances and didn't take them. Each chance taken makes each penalty shout less important. That and we practically gifted them the first goal anyway. We're not a big club in this comp so I've made my peace with the fact that we don't get the big calls. That will change eventually I'm sure, but only by making deep runs like this and actually growing in prestige. This was a dream of a run though. What a time to be alive Proud

That said, I congratulate Liverpool. I congratulate Nish, Unique, Art, RO, Extremist, Mr-r34, Buster, Ifti and others. You deserve your spot in this final. Don't let anyone say differently. I'm a Liverpool supporter come that day.

I'm proud of our guys obviously. We needed to redeem ourselves after that first game and to me that was more important than the result. Liverpool never fully went away, and that's a testament to their quality, but we took care of business and got our pride back. That's all I care about. Now we need to focus on making sure we qualify for next season's CL.

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Re: UCL SF2 17/18 | Liverpool Vs AS Roma

Post by Doc on Thu May 03, 2018 5:58 pm

@Nishankly wrote:So i recommend Real fans to drop this fact, Because the final we are going to fight like dogs & for tooth and nail without any complacency similar to both City games.

I don't think you guys were complacent nor do I think you guys would be complacent in a final (who ever is?!). No idea why any Madrid fan here would think that. That being said, pretty certain Liverpool got 3 goals in one half due to poor defending because Pool simply are not good at defending. You guys are poor defensive unit that can't afford to sit back and soak up pressure.

Anyway, still maintain that as long as Madrid keep the scoreline reasonable in the 1st half, the 2nd half would be better for Zidane and the lads. Kroos and Marcelo are gonna dread facing 99 stamina lads like Milner, Henderson, Firmino though.


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Re: UCL SF2 17/18 | Liverpool Vs AS Roma

Post by BarcaLearning on Thu May 03, 2018 6:25 pm

Incredible, just incredible, especially performances from Roma I think, they ALMOST and maybe should have gone through over Liverpool, after beating Barca.... Im having trouble understanding football now
watching some of these CL games this season Razz Its just amazing.

Question I have is how come Roma cant perform at this level in the league? I guess its the same case with Real, Liverpool, Sevilla etc., u can put all your energy into the big games, while just leaving the league more or less... but still, its just so weird to see a team able to lift their level so high when required... although Liverpool probably didnt play that well overall in this game and have had some of their weaknesses exposed.

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